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Using Woven Labels on Your Own

Clothing labels are used on the apparel industry for many purposes from branding and marketing, showing essential clothing information and product tracking. With so many uses, these elements have become a standard sight on any piece of clothing that you purchase. Regardless of their professional use, clothing labels are also lots of fun to use for those who make clothing on their own or just want to spice up their wares with a personal touch. A personal favourite of mine is to use these labels as a personalized touch on a gift; not only does this show that you are willing to go the extra mile and really put a lot of care and effort for the person you're giving the gift to, but it also serves as a long lasting souvenir that will remind the recipient of you every time he or she wears it.

How do You Go About Sewing Clothing Labels?

As we mentioned before, labels can come in many forms. You can order woven labels with personalized messages for a very affordable price (although these tend to go down in cost if you order a big quantity of them.) If you aren't necessarily looking for a professional solution, many stores sell generic ready-made labels that you can customize and later sew in. Sewing the labels is no mean task for those who have already gotten their feet wet with needles. Here's a quick run-down of what you will need to do to get those labels on your favourite piece of clothing.

Clothing Labels
Woven Labels


The label could theoretically go anywhere. Most times, however, the labels are places on the inside of the garment, such as on the collar or at the bottom of the inside seam. Pick a location and mark it if needed, you don't need to be precise at this point.

Getting it Ready

Now that you know where you want the label to go, pin it to the garment to secure its position using sewing pins. Use as many as you need, though you'll find that you don't need to use many to get it to stick.

Reading the Needle

Using the needle threader (or just your incredible sight and a steady hand), thread the needle with about 24 inches of thread. This is standard procedure: poke the flexible wire part of the threaded through the needle hole, thread the wire loop and slowly pull the thread back through the needle. Make sure to tie a knot at one end of the thread since we don't want the thread to pull all the way out on the first stitch.

Let the Stitching Commence!

The first stitch should be done from under the label to hide the knot in the thread. Push the sewing needle through along the edge of the label bringing with it the thread through both the garment and the label. Repeat this process along the label's edge and try to keep each stitch similar to the previous one.

Wrapping Up

When you've finished sewing around the label, repeat the last stitch a couple time by looping and crossing the thread to form a small knot. This will keep everything from slowly getting loose and falling apart. There you go, you're done!

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