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Make Your Own Fleece Beret in Less Than an Hour

buy fleece beret pattern

Easy Sewing Project: Make a Fleece Beret

So you want to sew a quick, easy fleece beret. You'll save money, you can sew as many as you like to match any and every outfit you own, and nobody else will have exactly the same beret as you. You can even learn to sew these fleece berets and sell the berets for profit. This pattern will show you how to sew a fleece beret in less than an hour.

Better Berets Made Faster than You Can Get to a Hat Store to Buy One

Fleece berets are easy to make. All you need are good instructions and a small piece of fleece. You may even have a small fleece baby blanket around that you can use. With this pattern, you can create fleece berets quickly and easily.

Hi, I'm the owner of, and I've redesigned my tudor style beret pattern to make a smaller, snugger fleece beret. You'll be impressed with how easy it is to sew a fleece beret. You'll be thrilled with how little time it takes. You'll save a ton of money by making your own instead of buying them.

What You Get

If you like the original tudor style beret pattern, it's free. This fleece beret pattern is on sale for a modest price because it has taken me a lot of effort to produce the pattern pieces in a way that is easily downloadable and printable. You get more than just the pattern, though.

You get step by step written instructions for printing, as well. But that's not all.

As a very special bonus, our sister site,, has produced a video tutorial on using this fleece beret pattern.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand pictures. runs a special YouTube channel with video sewing tutorials, the Sewmarm channel. Those videos are public and free, and if you need any basic sewing tutorials, check it out.

All of this will be yours:

But that's not all. We've put together two extra bonus ebooks for you!

How much is all this worth to you?

  • Immediately downloadable, printable beret pattern - $5
  • Immediately downloadable, printable instructions included
  • Free Video Tutorials - Worth $30 private tutorial time
  • 20 page "Beginner Sewing Tips" ebook -- $5
  • 5 page "How to Run a Home Business Teaching Sewing" -- $5

This $45 dollar value is available online now for only $3.50. I want you to feel extremely satisfied with your purchase, and get started on your first beret right away. And tell all your friends!

Your purchase is safe and secure through, the internet's most trusted payment processor. Your payment details are securely held with only, so you feel confident in your purchase.

Buy your own fleece beret pattern now for only $3.50

Buy your own fleece beret pattern now for only $3.50
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