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Review by Laura

Hello!  Great site!

You wanted reviews on modest dress patterns.  I've used the Friends patterns extensively and been very pleased.  The Ohio Dress, #201, with or  without a cape, is an excellent beginner's sewing project, and the  directions are very clear.  It's also really easy to adapt to petite  (me!) or however you need to.  I've made probably half a dozen, and  gotten lots of nice comments.

The Canning & Kitchen Apron #222 is likewise very easy - only one  piece,  not counting pockets, and looks good as well.

Their Little Girls' Everyday Dress and Apron is easy, too, with built- in grow pleats.  It didn't fit my 2-year-old so well, (too bulky in  the bodice, too tight) but larger sizes are great.

Their Chemise Slip #204 was an exception - too tight in the waist,  way too big in the shoulders, not so easy to adapt to different body  shapes.

#020 Bloomers are a good basic pattern, very simple.  For small girls  I might look elsewhere, but the ones I've made for me are perfect.

- Laura

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