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Godet Jumper -- A Mix and Match Outfit

Godet Jumper with Princess seam top

Godet jumper - Mix Godet skirt and Match to Princess seam top

A jumper solves a lot of wardrobe dilemmas. Often after sewing a skirt, I find that now I have to find a matching blouse, and if the blouse is too sheer, I need a matching vest.. and now the skirt needs a whole new outfit to go with it! After sewing the A-line jumper and the Spiral Jumper, I realized that the jumper style solves this problem. With the jumper top already attached and of matching fabric, you can wear any appropriate blouse with your jumper and everything is coordinated!

The parts for the Godet Jumper

The Godet Skirt is one of my favorite skirts. It can be made fancy, and with 8 godets of contrasting colors, or more simply of a plain fabric with 4 godets of the same fabric. I loved the spiral jumper so much, that I decided to attempt a mix and match of the princess top from the Button Front Jumper with the Godet skirt. Having seen that adding a fly and only 4 godets looked great for my daughter, I thought it would work well for the jumper. Also, I missed pockets in the spiral jumper, whereas the Button Front Jumper has pockets.

I cut from the godet skirt pattern:
8 skirt panels
4 godets.
Then cut from the Front Button jumper pattern:
Back Bodice
Front Bodice
Side Front Bodice
2 pocket pieces. (I only put one pocket in, for 2 pockets, cut 4 pieces).
From a pants pattern I cut 3 fly pieces.

Constructing the Jumper

As usual, I constructed a snood to match the outfit with a remnant of the jumper fabric, some black lycra knit for the brim, and some grey and black remnants for the tails. The idea behind this outfit was to take advantage of the patterns I already own to create new outfits from favorite parts. I hope this was a useful idea for someone else, also.

Godet jumper with princess top


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