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The One Hour Dress Pattern - a Review

how to sew one hour dresses

There's even a video tutorial series available

I've had this link up for awhile to the One Hour Dress instructions, and decided to purchase it, too. The skills you need are pretty much beginning sewing skills to make this dress: sew in a straight line, sew along a curve, add seam binding to neck and sleeve edges, and follow the step by step instructions. Besides being basic, there's a video tutorial series available on Sewmarm's YouTube channel to guide you through the dress construction.

Easy instructions

The instructions are pretty easy to follow. You make a few basic measurements according to the pattern, and then you cut your material into two main pieces: the top and the skirt. While you might get confused about exactly which way to cut, the video compliments the instructions you buy very well. The video tutorial series is free, but the pattern now costs $17.

The instructions come with variations and ideas, such as adding to the sleeve length (they're only about half sleeve length at best), or making a custom styled bow for the belt. If you like this pattern, you'll be able to make multiple dresses from different materials and accented differently very easily. That will certainly pay off the pattern purchase price.

And now what I don't like...

In the image, you don't see that the side "cascades" are not sewn shut, just tacked together. For some, this isn't a problem, but many may feel that it does not comply with their level of modesty. One solution is just to go ahead and sew down the side seam, or close the seam with a pretty satin seam binding.

The dress is an over the head style, so the neckline is also a bit open. It's not low cut or anything, but again, you may want to wear a dickie or undershirt to meet your standards of modesty.

You, too, can sew a dress in an hour

All in all, it's an easy assembly method, and with the video tutorial series, you can easily sew multiple lovely dresses in no time. That can quickly justify the price of the instructions.

Take a look at the video tutorials on How to Sew a Dress (if you don't like going to, for understandable reasons, you can also see the sewing tutorial series on the video blog at, and then go buy the instructions on how to sew a dress.

how to sew one hour dresses
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