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The Catherine's Choice pattern is "An Easy Empire style for all stages of motherhood-pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond". It is a pattern from Baker Lane Dressmaking & Design. It is a wonderful dress to have around being so versatile! A design like this is lovely and modest.

Pattern Overview

This is a pattern aimed at the intermediate seamstress. You will receive 15 pages of suggestions and instructions in sewing. There are some excellent instructions for altering the pattern for that perfect fit. I loved this dress! The design for the nursing access eliminates the gaping issue so common with nursing clothes. "Side access nursing plackets are concealed beneath the full bodice overlay." Some of these instructions may help clarify some real basic problems you could run into. After sewing this dress once you will understand the pattern clearly and be ready for your second dress to be sewn in a breeze.

Fabric: I used 100% cotton for this pattern. Lightweight fabrics are suggested from rayon challis, lightweight linens, denim, seersucker, and cotton or cotton blends. I would avoid any stiffer fabrics as it will effect the lay and look of your dress.

When cutting out your dress you will want to pay attention to several things.

  1. This is a long dress. For short or average height women you may want to alter the skirt pattern and raise the skirt length.
  2. Bust- If you are long waisted or have a large bust you will want to cut out a mock bodice to see where it will fall on you. My sister found she needed her bodice/underlay pattern lengthened for nursing comfort. I would recommend taking the time to make a mock bodice if you intend on nursing. You may be sorely disappointed after spending all this time to find the nursing opening is not quite what you wanted.
  3. #4 pattern piece is Bodice Back/Back Underlining-If you cut out the scoop neck view (instead of tracing off) you will loose the jewel neckline as you cut! This is true for the Bodice Front Underlining as well.
  4. Remember the 45" pattern layout view does not show #8 needs to have 4 panels cut out.
  5. Keep your scrap fabric to cut out the bias strips for finishing edges of Bracelet Sleeves.

Sewing Your Pattern

  1. As you sew note all grey shaded pattern pieces are showing the WRONG side of fabric.
  2. Scoop neck nursing view-Note your right sides and wrong sides. It will be right side of overlay with wrong side of underlining on top. Very important!
  3. When pressing seam towards underlining the seam will be pressed showing wrong side of fabric to right side of underlining. When understitching you will be pulling underlinings up to see wrong side of fabric as you stitch near the seam.
  4. Butttonholes: Be aware if this is a nursing dress. Buttonholes will be on front overlay. For Non-Nursing View buttonholes are on Bodice Front. Interfacing will be applied to wrong side of fabric.
Catherine's Choice Nursing, maternity dress pattern
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