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Easy Modest Costumes

There's always a time when you need a costume, whether it's a school play or a costume party, or a holiday. I've always used simple dress patterns with cheap bright material for various costumes. A few things make costuming easier than regular sewing.

Buying costumes instead

Some years I haven't had the time to sew a costume. Luckily, my girls usually want to be something easily made modest, like a princess, or queen, or even a mommy! My son was a lion for years, using a pair of adult overalls with a "tail" sewn on of hemp rope, and hemp rope main. A store bought lion or leopard mask gave the perfect finish. Then for years he was a policeman. A store bought police uniform costume shirt and hat with his regular dark pants formed the main costume. Add some toy handcuffs, and he was happy.

sunflowerhomemade bride costume and bought fairy costumehome made bought princess and sunflower costumespoliceman costume off duty

Sewing my own costumes taught my kids that you don't have to have what everybody else has, and to be thrifty. However, as costume prices came down and fabric prices went up, it was sometimes actually cheaper to buy costumes than to make them!

Buying Online saves time

I love ordering things online. Saves me a trip to the store (and gas is expensive these days!), the time, and everything is delivered to my door. But when I search for "modest costumes", I don't find much. I do know some costume sites, but it means paging through tons of pictures of costumes that are not appropriate for my kids. Sometimes all the time I'd save by purchasing online is then wasted with pages of immodest costumes. So I've listed a few of my favorite modest costumes here, in case you also need to go modest costume shopping. Hope it saves you time!

What kids dress up as says a lot about who they are inside. Encourage your kids to be "good guys"!

Angel of Light Velvet Child Large
Child's Angel Costume

This child's angel costume has long opaque sleeves (many have sheer sleeves), is full length, and includes the feather wings and halo. It's not cheap, at $49.99, but it's a complete set.

You might want to use your own white dress, and purchase only wings and halo:
Angel Instant Child
This instant angel set for kids is only $4.99!

Traditional Colonial Girl Child Large
Traditional Colonial Girl

Priced at $23 for the full length brown dress with attached apron and matching bonnet, this costume is a pretty decent deal. Full length sleeves were once the way all girls dressed!

<Winnie the Pooh Infant Costume
Winnie the Pooh Infant Costume

Winnie the Pooh has a special place in our home. He is a well meaning, friendly ole bear who values good character traits. That means a lot these days. For the kids, he's a popular character that is actually allowed in the house.

Pilgrim Woman Adult Medium
Lady Pilgrim Costume

This women's costume is not cheap. At $42, you could probably sew it for less, but it would take time and you'd have to have a good pattern. If you need a modest costume in a hurry, this one would do the job.

Rabbi Adult
Rabbi Costume for Adults

This costume includes a flannel coat, satin scarf, hat with attached peyos, and matching facial hair. If you don't already have a long black coat, a prayer shawl, and peyos, it might be worth the $34 price tag. Otherwise, you could borrow these items from a friend and buy a costume beard.

Dutch Girl Hat
Dutch Girl Hat

Get an international hat, like a Dutch girl hat, or an English bobby hat, and put together a costume from other items around the house. A costume hat is generally inexpensive, and really makes the costume!

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