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Finding Modest Dresses

Long Sleeve Dress

Needles in the Haystack: Online Modest Dresses

Whether you're looking for "old fashioned timeless" dresses or more modern styles, finding modest dresses online is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Winter isn't so bad, but wait until spring and summer. Just forget it! The online stores seem to think sleeves and a neckline are seasonal. The dresses below are a few I've found online, and will have to keep up on the links. I hope you find them helpful in your search for modest dresses.

Amish Mennonite Dress Ebay store

This is an Ebay store, so you get all the security of Ebay transactions and the great pricing.

You'll find lots of modest clothing in this online store. has a surprisingly consistent selection of at least a few modest dresses. I have always loved paisley prints, and the paisley print dress at the top of the page is available for $49.99 at Blair. Right now they are also carrying a number of "jacket dress" style dresses, a light jacket over a sleeveless dress. Pricing is also pretty resaonable for ready to wear clothing. Many of the jacket dresses come with a free necklace gift. Check out what you can buy for only about $40, less than you'd spend on material! Click on the image.

knit jacket dressfloral jacket dressvelour long sleeve dress
Shop online for modest dresses and outfits by clicking on the images above.

A Plus Family Ebay Store

Lots of good items here in this store. Dresses, skirts, jumpers for womena and girls.

Also a family run business that puts an emphasis on service.

Modestly Yours Swimwear Ebay Store -- Modest swimwear online!

You'll find a nice selection of modest swimwear in this ebay store, plus swimwear fabric if you prefer to sew your own.

I hope this page has been helpful in getting you started in finding online shopping for modest dresses. Sometimes you don't have the time to make sew it yourself, or you want something you can't quite make yourself. For more online ready made modest clothing stores, please visit our resources page.

Buy on

Alternatively, you can check out all the auctions at You will need an eBay account, which you can sign up for once you're at eBay. There are a number of dresses at any time that might just suit your needs, and often at bargain prices.

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