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Silk Fabrics for Making a Prom Dress


I've been intrigued by all those magazine photos of France's glamorous new first lady. The country which, more that any other, sets the standards for the world of fashion has a superstar model as the wife posing behind her husband, France's president Nicolas Sarkozy, in media photos. 

And Carla Bruni's almost always seen fashionably sporting what in our country might be referred to as "modest" casual or formal wear.  That is, her runway looks are almost always tastefully complimented by haute fashion which incorporates sleeves and modest necklines.

The Secret of the Right Fabric

Who can blame any woman for wrapping herself in the sort of silk fabric, lace, or crochet fabric formal wear creations which have through the ages so perfectly defined taste? I'm in fact often puzzled by those look-alike prom fashions which seem to ignore the visual effect which truly gorgeous fabrics can have on their wearers, even those with the finest of physical features.

Of course, those naturally flattered by more coverage - rather than less - especially benefit from such a timeless truth.

So why is it that some prom wear fashion makers seem not to know the address of a quality fabric store? Or prefer their own customers to make do with so little of the perfection which tasteful fabrics impart? Why indeed.

And just to mention two fabrics associated in my own mind with taste ...

Silk Fabric

Silk is arguably the most elegant of fabrics with a soft beautiful texture which will remind you of just why the silk trade once came to influence the very course of great trading nations.

Silk fabrics are proudly descended from an artistry developed in China as early as 6000 BC. Legend has it that the Chinese Empress Xi Ling-Shi first introduced silk to the world of fashion. Whoever it actually was that first grasped the exciting possibilities of silk's natural perfection, it quickly became an international trade item of importance.

And no wonder. Silk fabric's fine absorbency makes it supremely comfortable in warm weather; and its low conductivity keeps warm air close to your skin when the temperatures drop. And it does all this with such grace.

The shimmering appearance for which silk is prized, on the other hand, comes from the individual fiber's triangular prism-like structure, which allows silk cloth to refract incoming light at different angles and with famously beautiful effect.

Silk normally wears well and is surprisingly durable despite its often exquisitely light weight. Used as a fabric of choice in elegant evening dresses, formal blouses, trimmings, chic scarves et cetera, silk fabric does require some extra garment-making care. Cutting, for instance, is best done by first laying out the fabric on tissue paper and then pinning it to the paper, to allow layers to be cut as one.

Doesn't your next project deserve more of its timeless elegance? Check out silk fabrics online.

Crochet Fabric

Crochet fabric as the fashion world experiences it today evolved out of the creative vision of European artisans during the early to mid 1800s, and has won a deserved place in the pantheon of truly exquisite decorative textiles.

Lost in the mists of time may be even earlier origins - perhaps in the artistic traditions of Arabia, South America or China. But the perfected crochet fabrics of today's haute fashion markets were birthed in the nineteenth century's Industrial Revolution and its splendid cornucopia of manufactured threads - and by the truly magical things done with these quality threads in quaint villages all across northern Europe but most especially in those of France and Ireland.

Almost unrivaled as a decorative asset to modern fashion creations, and attention-demanding in their own right when crafted into stylish garments or accoutrements, quality crochet fabrics are increasingly these days in demand. There is something timeless in the feel of crafted crochet fabric that will always resonate with connoisseurs of quality fabrics and those who value the historic links we share with all that is beautiful in our fashion heritage. Buy quality crochet fabrics online at

The more modest approach to formal wear fashion can truly be enhanced and enriched by elegant, rich fabrics.

Author John Breining is a fabric expert who markets quality textiles online at

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