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How To Sew, and other Ebooks

Courses, Tips, and Secrets to Sewing that You can Get Online

If you're looking for a basic how to sew course, or home sewing secrets, or Do It Yourself Sewing Guide, or even how to sew Roman Shades, or repair your sewing machine, you can find it online.

Ebooks let you learn at your own pace

I'm a big fan of eBooks, videos, and DVD instruction. Instead of paying big money for a private class that you aren't sure about, you can invest less than what it would cost you to drive to the class, pay the instructor, and drive back in many cases. Plus you get to learn at your own pace.

I've been sewing for years and perhaps should write an eBook of my own. However, I haven't. So I think you might find these valuable resources for learning to sew. If you have comments on any of them, please feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to post your thoughts here. I have signed up for a number of the free newsletters to get a feel for the quality of the authors and whether you can trust them with your email address.

DIY Sewing Guide": Sew More For U

This is the only ebook on this page that I've actually read. The others look good, though I haven't read them yet. Sew More For U has purchasing advice as well as tips on fitting and finishing, which make a huge difference in your garment. Bonuses include Sewing Tips, Old World Crochet Patterns, What To Wear, and a Stain Removal Guide. Sew More For U is the complete sewing guide, with well illustrated examples of tlps that will save you a lot of time and frustration. She sets out lots of basics, then also organizing skills (really important, especially if you have a family and small kids you're trying to sew around!!!), even what you should have in your sewing kit.

My favorite thing about this ebook is that it's full of every bit of advice you'd need for DIY (Do It Yourself) mending and alterations. This is one of the main uses you'll find for your sewing machine on a regular basis. With the price of premade clothing so low, you will almost need to alter a cheap piece of clothing more often than make your own from scratch.

The free patterns bonus is nice PDF file of bags to sew that you can show off lovely remnant fabrics. Nice gift.

Find out all the DIY tips, and get going on your sewing projects at the Do It Yourself Sewing Guide.

Sewing 101 -- A Step By Step Guide To Sewing Basics.

Mavis Cox wrote the ebook that she wished she'd had when she learned to sew. Full of tips and tricks to save you time, money, and energy on your new sewing ventures. You'll also get The "Tips for Better Sewing" Special Report, The "Welcome To My Sewing World" Audio by Mavis, and The "Welcome To My Sewing World" Transcript, plus more.

Visit the Sewing 101 site and buy your own basic how to sew course.

Home Sewing Secrets

The full title of this eBook is "Home Sewing Secrets...How To Explode Your Boring Wardrobe With Chic Designer Styles That'll Not Only Make You look And Feel Like A Celebrity...But You'll Wield The Power To Custom Create Any Designer Style For Less Than Half The Price ...All From The Comfort Of Your Home!". That's a lot.

In the first installment of the free Home Sewing Secrets E-Course, there was not actually even one tip. In Mavis Cox's free email course, I got at least one tip the first email. Frankly, I wasn't impressed with the free E-course. It's hard to teach both basic skills and the kind of skills needed to improve a garment to look like a designer item.

Update: I've removed this link after receiving a bad review from a visitor who purchased the product. She said:

I bought "Home Sewing Secrets". One glance at what it contained and I immediately asked for my money back. My account was credited within a day. I also asked PayPal to honor the satisfaction guarantee.
"Home Sewing Secrets" may no longer be offered for sale; but I want to tell why it was so horrible so you can recognize it if you ever get stuck with an awful sewing book.
The book is made of material copied from older sewing books. Anyone the least bit familiar with fashion illustration styles can see the drawings are from the forties. Other drawings were from the sixties. Those were poorly reproduced and hard to see.
There was a "secret resource page" at the end of the book. This was one of the reasons I bought it. The link never worked.
"A recent development has been the zigzag machine." I got my Singer with built-in zig-zag stitch in 1967 and it wasn't the latest invention even then. Learning how to use your TREADLE sewing machine is even more antiquated. Remember the German-made Anker sewing machines? No? It was a wonderful machine; but has not been sold for decades.
If you don't realize how much aprons and garments for babies have changed in the past 60 years, you would learn it from the patterns included in this book.
The illustrations of pattern pieces and altering them to fit would probably confuse modern readers who are unfamiliar with the markings used on patterns BEFORE printed pattern pieces were introduced in the 1950s.

Sewing Roman Shades

Okay, I had to check google images for what a Roman Shade looks like. Lovely! Hey, I want to sew some, too! The author Jennifer Thoden says she has over 100 clear, easy to understand illustrations. Good, I need pictures. Hey, here's a point I haven't seen by anyone else yet: she has email support for her ebook. Good, I hate telephones.

Includes a detailed and complete supply list for the roman shade you plan on making, and photos of the items so that you know exactly what you're looking for. Sounds very helpful. Jennifer includes easy yardage formulas, which is important for someone like me. One of the reasons I like patterns rather than programs is that I need to know how much yardage to purchase.

She even includes instructions on how to install your Roman Shades and the tools you'll need. Oh, this one looks good. The instructions on the free No-Sew Roman Shades PDF are very clear and well illustrated. This one looks really good.

Get your ebook on how to make Roman Shades online.

Learn Sewing Machine Repair

If you're like me, you bought a very reliable machine that doesn't need tons of repairs, but you want to know how to make those small adjustments to keep it running smoothly. And in those rare times it needs repairs you can save yourself money by repairing your machine yourself.

Buy an ebook and learn to repair your sewing machine

Another idea might be to expand beyond repairing just your own machine to make a business of sewing machine repair. You could also run classes to teach sewing machine owners how to maintain and fix their own machines.

Buy this ebook and learn to repair your sewing machine and run a business
Learn Sewing Machine Repair

Hope these resources were helpful. Let me know about any more!

If you have indeas for an ebook on sewing, you can publish your ebook and use to collect your sales money.

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